Whether growing for personal pleasure or farming thousands of acres of hemp, you deserve and need consistently healthy plants and solutions that save you time and money, because growing cannabis shouldn’t be complicated.

Our fertilizer line is a 100% soluble, highly concentrated, dry biostimulating fertilizer that is designed for cannabis (with no fillers).  It provides the plant what it needs, when it needs it, from micro and macronutrients, to an array of biostimulating bacteria.  Our products work in unison to create an effective, reliable fertilizer regimen that will consistently grow healthy plants, increase fertilizing efficiencies, and help defend the plant from pathogens that adversely effect yield efficiency.  Our regimens can also be customized to your specific grow based on soil and ongoing leaf analysis performed throughout the grow.  Learn More

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Don't burn your $ on filler.

Save with our

High Concentrate Dry Fertilizer

Introducing our new quoting calculator for outdoor hemp grows.  Don’t burn your money on less efficient products with filler in them.  Find out exactly what your fertilizer costs for the season will be based on our tiered discount rate.

Indoor quoting calculator coming soon.